Our Identity
12 Prophetic Identity Statements of Legacy Church

Over the years, God has delivered prophetic words for Legacy Church through various Kingdom-minded leaders, speakers, prophets, pastors, and evangelists. These 12 Prophetic Identity Statements below encompass those words to define who Jesus says we are as a Kingdom House:


  1. We are a Kingdom Apostolic Resource Center that trains, equips, and deploys healthy revivalists to reform the mountains of influence.

  2. We are a covenant Kingdom family where the heart of the Father leads to sons and daughters becoming fathers and mothers.

  3. We influence, impact, and implement regional assignments and Heaven's mandates as the Ecclesia.

  4. We partner with city and regional leaders to bring transformation.

  5. We are a storehouse, refinery, and distribution center for Kingdom Resources.

  6. We discover, design, and deploy Kingdom solutions.

  7. We train and empower people in the Word, Spirit, and Power.

  8. We are a house of prayer, healing, and freedom where as it is in Heaven is normal here.

  9. We carry a breakthrough anointing that accelerates people into Sonship, wholeness, and their divine Kingdom purpose.

  10. We are a vibrant, healthy prophetic company encountering the power of God through our people.

  11. We are a place where God's presence is known and Heaven's sounds are released.

  12. We are a Five Fold House that identifies, develops, and commissions future Five Fold Leaders.