Children's Testimonies


By: Anonymous
At the end of the Sunday morning service on May 28th, we had a fire tunnel. The children's classrooms emptied into the main sanctuary to join in on the fun. At the end of everything, a couple was being prayed over by the pastor. The wife had to sit down on the floor because she was hit with Holy Spirit laughter. Then she felt a little poke. She said she somewhat thought it was an angel who had poked. But when she felt this poke, she broke out into an even deeper level of joy, laughing uncontrollably. The fun thing is that the one who poked her was not an angel, but one of kids! Actually, it was one of our toddlers... only one and a half years old. She totted around the sanctuary and saw her dad catching people who were falling out under the Spirit and decided to poke this one lady. This poke released the supernatural joy that only our God can release.

There is no junior Holy Spirit; even the one-year-olds are full of power!

By: Natalie Gutierrez
After a short vacation in Florida, my husband and I came back with COVID. His symptoms first showcased while we were there, and I noticed a long lasting headache while at the airport on the way home. This would become my second time with COVID; the first time was in 2021 and I had very mild cold-like symptoms. This time around I was expecting no different, so I planned to simply stock up on some Tylenol and go about my business.

About three days in (just when my husband’s symptoms started to dissipate), I started to feel very strange. I suddenly became very forgetful and "lost," which is the best way I can describe it. I changed lanes while driving, almost hit another car in a flash, and then snapped out of it not understanding what had just happened. It only took a bit of research to start defining it as BRAIN FOG. Being an optimistic person, I woke up every day expecting it would clear up in a few days like most COVID symptoms. But this brain fog continued and only got worse for TWO weeks! I cried throughout daily calls with my mother and strongly considered going to the ER. My husband was supportive, but confused and didn’t truly understand the agony I was in. I felt I had lost my mind.

Going into the third week of brain fog, that following Sunday was my rotation to teach Pre-K at Legacy. "Anxious" and "reluctant" are the two words that came to mind most. Would I be able to function well enough to lead a classroom full of children? Would everyone be able to see how totally out of it I was?

I took my chances for the sake of normalcy and went to serve. I told my classroom assistant, LeeAnne, what was going on and we went about our schedule. When it came time to pray for the sick we asked all of the children if they needed prayer for anyone. LeeAnne asked, “Does anyone else need prayer?” My hand shot up without much thought and I told the kids, “Miss Natalie needs prayer because she hasn’t been feeling too well lately.” All of the kids raised their hands towards me and I specifically remember little Timothy saying, “Miss Natalie... feel better now, in Jesus name, amen!”

I kid you not... I walked out of that classroom sprinting and jumping to my husband, yelling that I could think straight again!

I’ve always struggled with faith with regard to physical healing because I’ve never experienced it until my time serving in that Pre-K classroom. The Holy Spirit, to me, is more present and powerful while working through the children! I love my position in our World Changers ministry! Sometimes I think I learn more from the kids than they do from me!